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LPN vs. RN- a Short Discussion

Nursing is the sole superior health care field providing effective care to patients. Schooling needed to become a nurse can be completed inside as short as 1 year or it might take you so long as 4 year depending upon the level of study you choose to complete.

For e.g. Registered nurse (RN) need higher level of education then Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

Being a RN or LPN is just your interest of preference. This thing wholly relies upon you. Yes, both side has their own pros and cons. It's not that specific one field is superior to another.

Now lets us talk about some of the massive differences of LPN vs RN.

Difference in schooling:

LPN schooling needs minimum 1 to 2 years of schooling. In the other hand RN schooling can take you around 2-3 years of course if you need to take your associate degree and around 4 years if you need some higher bachelor's degree. Both the course educations are offered by many community colleges, nursing faculties, hospices, vocational trade colleges or at any accredited universities. After you have finished all of your course study and trainings, either LPN or RN, you have got to pass the NCLEX -PN exams.

Difference in job responsibilities

Definitely higher level of degree corresponds to higher power, authority and higher job responsibilities. LPN job outline includes feeding, washing patient's garments, showering them, giving them injections, giving medicines at a regular interval, keeping records, maintaining reports and giving progress reports to their seniors. While RN job description includes higher level of job class like assisting doctors, giving training to nurses or LPN'S, test research, operate different medical machineries, research results and lots of other higher level of infirmaries work.

Comparing salaries between them

Higher job responsibilities also means higher quantity of paying. So the LPN salary is a little low compared to RN incomes. Average hourly salary of LPN is around$12 to $16 while for RN it is around $19 to $25. It is also because completing your RN degree requires much effort, tough work, dedication and level of education.

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